Friday, June 27, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Gray Taylor

From life as a Jurassic Park Ranger to avid Godzilla fan; today we take a closer look at GZ artist, Gray Taylor.

Gray recently joined up to do artwork for GZ and he dove in head first, getting to know the characters and giving them some cool intricate looks. Some of what you see here are just beginning sketches, as he would say, but they speak volumes.

Gray is 21 and a student of Louisiana Tech where he is studying Communication (Graphic) Design. He is the son of multi-talented artist and actress Geri Givens-Taylor. (<LINK!) He's been drawing as long as he can remember. He's a geek fan after our own hearts with a love for Doctor Who, Godzilla, and superheroes. Not sure if it gets much better than that.

Sure it does.

Gray has a mind for design perks, or bells and whistles as he calls them. In the pictures you can see where he's added some serious coolness in design of characters. As we go, there will be a more distinguished look for the GZ universe. Here, check out Maestro and Maniac. (Gray's work is on the left)

I love the speaker grill in Gray's rendition of Maniac and the grin is way evil on Maestro.

Falconer and Sersi from Chessmen. He has them looking positively stoic.

Finally, King Falcon himself with awesome design technique on the bracers. I wish I had done them that way myself.

So, suffice to say, Gray is here to stay (unless he's kidnapped by ninja turtles) and we are glad to present this work. Be sure to stay tuned to Google+ postings and the Facebook page where there is an album for his art.

Stay true, heroes!
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