Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Character Spotlight: The Falconer

Dar Macabon, the Falconer, is the stoic leader of the Chessmen. He earned his name when he became spiritually bonded to his friend Sersi, the falcon. He served as the leader of the Chyssian Royal Guard for several years before his team was framed for the king's murder.

Duty and honor are everything. That's why he'll give his life to protect the infant princess or hopefully give her home back to her one day. When someone told him his crew was like chessmen without a king, the name stuck. He decided they would be known as the Chessmen. As it turns out, Chess (or Chyss as it's called on Chyssia) is a training game for the Royal Guard. So the name had further reason to stick.

Falconer is a lord class elemental. He can control weather patterns and elements at will. He can even convert one element into another at molecular levels. He can shape stone, throw lightning, ignite objects, or dissolve them into air. He can summon tornadoes and hurricanes or just a lazy afternoon breeze. Being deeply in tune with nature, Falconer can feel it if so much as a twig is snapped on a nearby tree. Falconer can fly but cannot exist in the vacuum of space without assistance. Falconer is also an adept hand to hand combatant.

He prefers to learn as much as he can before fighting if possible. Unfortunate events have tested his resolve sorely since having to flee Chyssia. Like his crew, he's been pushed the limits by constant attempts on his and the princess's life.

As the leader of the Chessmen, Falconer has earned the loyalty of his crew by being loyal to them. There isn't one member of his team he wouldn't stand by in the most terrible of situations. This seems especially true when it comes to his friend, Helshred. Helshred, the Teri-Moor was the one officially framed in the murder of the king. Falconer knows better and will not stop short of death to prove it.

As a trivial fact; Falconer's eyes are blue, but they change in shade due to how he's feeling. The darker they get, the more you should worry.

Falconer won't rest until it's finally safe to take the princess back home.
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