Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Character Spotlight: Termina

Step aside, mean girls of the universe! This is Termina! She's a mercenary cyber-chick working for the Darksiders. Make a joke about her outfit at your own expense. Termina gave up her real name in becoming a cyborg and few are alive who knew it. She's been angry all her life and not because she's a cyborg. She's had herself made into a cyborg to enact her rage however she sees fit. No one knows where her fury began and asking is a bad idea.

Termina's body has a high molecular density; so even where you don't see armor, she's hard to hurt. She's had a ton of rocks dropped on her and come out without a scratch. She's highly resistant to fire and freezing too. She can exist in the void of space. Along with all that toughness, there's ample strength. She can move 1000 pounds with little to no strain. Add all that together and imagine the damage those metal fists can do. Her metal fingers can tear steel like tissue paper. In combat, she's been known to rip a person's arm off just because she can.

If her armor, strength and cruel attitude aren't enough to scare you away; she has some of the best weaponry a cyborg can be fitted with. She has a blaster on the back of each forearm and one near her neck. Her eye can give you a nasty burn if you get too close. Those spikes and edges on her? They launch as projectiles. The worst weaponry on her is her
midriff cannons. Those are her favorite. They're computer targeted by her electronic eye and can blow a body in half at medium range. You don't want to know what happens up close.

Before Victor, leader of the Darksiders, found her she was already wanted for a long list of murders. She even tried to kill Victor before agreeing to join his crew. Now he knows that she's a loose cannon and only sends her on missions that are okay to be very messy.

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