Thursday, June 19, 2014

Character Spotlight: Songcutter

Don't let the fact that he's blind fool you. Songcutter has the mystical senses to catch you off guard. When the Chessmen land on the planet of Timbak, they meet Songcutter and his giant friend, Yxee (eYix-ee). Becoming good friends, Songcutter helps the Chessmen protect their infant Princess.

This man is a bard. Bards use magic to cast amazing and powerful spells. Each chooses their own instrument but they can sound like a whole orchestra if necessary. Songcutter has a very unique instrument in the songsword. The songsword works as it is swung or angled through the air. It's possible to cast a spell in the midst of a sword duel! Isn't that cheating? Not according to Songcutter. His spells even a lot of odds against multiple enemies.

His bardic prowess is not his first defense of choice. The people of Timbak are well known for their martial arts mastery in what they call Shikitsu (She-keet-sue). Songcutter isn't a Grandmaster, but close enough!  His chi is powerful enough shake the ground fifty feet away.

His senses allow him to handle life and moving around better than sighted people do. He can sense the use of magic within about a mile. He can sense the change in energy nearby when someone is about to appear due to teleportation or magic. No one on Timbak can sneak up on him and it's been tried. Arrows fare little better as he catches them or swats them out of the air. Not only can he hear the twang of the bow from a hundred yards away; he can hear the entire flight of the arrow as it draws in close. He also has a mild sense for the presence of evil.

When things get really lively and there are lots of enemies around, Songcutter has one more weapon at his disposal; a laughing ninato sword. The laughing ninjato is a straight martial sword that is magically animated. It can fly through the air and attack opponents of your command. While doing this, it fills the air with an eerie cackling laughter to un-nerve your enemies. When done with it, command it back into its scabbard and you're on your way. And no, the laughter doesn't interfere with Songcutter's senses.

Songcutter and Yxee are the guardians of a small village that takes in the Chessmen. They're peaceful until threatened, loyal and trustworthy. Songcutter and his village are willing to risk their life for a Princess they had nothing to do with.
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