Saturday, October 29, 2011

Guest artists invited to Galaxy Zento

While I’m working on illustrations and writing, I want to make an invitation to you artists out there. I want to invite you to be a guest artist at Galaxy Zento. Here’s how you’re invited and what it includes.
You are invited to draw any of my characters in any format (except adult or rated x stuff). If you do, your work will be posted on the fan page and upcoming website and I may even include you in my blog. Your name will be posted and if I write about you in my blog and you have a website, I will include links. So, basically, it’s free advertising for your talents as an artist (or just for fun- you decide). You may also post your art at your website provided you state property of DJ Wilde/Galaxy Zento. I would also greatly appreciate you posting links to the fan page where ever you post my characters.
To have your work posted on the fanpage or website, you must email it to me at
That will change once the website is up.
If you want to be as character accurate as possible, just message me and I will give you any details you require, otherwise, HAVE FUN and let’s post some art!
Just remember that I cannot pay you. This is for interaction and you get publicity out of it as this grows.
Other requirements past copyright stuff: You must come and click LIKE on the Galaxy Zento fan page on Facebook. Wow, that’s not hard, right? You don’t have to add me on FB but it would be cool if you did. Also cool if you click on “follow” at the blog site, but also not so much necessary. Of course, if you do and spread it around, better chance someone will wind up reading about YOU.
Galaxy Zento and it’s characters are property of DJ Wilde (me) copyright 1987-2011
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