Saturday, October 29, 2011

What are PCs? Roleplaying days

I mentioned before that Galaxy Zento has a fully printed role playing game and has been played by myself and friends for a long time. Since 1987 to be precise. I've added a new folder section at the fan page for Galaxy Zento, called PCs.

The deal: If my players could make and play an original enough character in my gaming universe, I would add that character to the published files. Of course, waivers had to be signed and so forth, but just about everyone liked that idea. If the game ever became published out in the full market, they would know their character was in it and it was their influence in the game, immortalized forever.

Some still wanted to play a Zento version of their favorite comic book characters and that was okay, but rarely. I've had lots of great players over the years and very cool characters played by them. Some of those characters may even show up in then novels. In any case, they are a permanent part of the Galaxy Zento universe.

In my next blog, I want to share how I would like to make Galaxy Zento more interactive for it's style while I write the novels. I did rewrite the first two chapters of Chessmen and it looks and reads much better. And, as said before, please like my page on Facebook!

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