Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How it started

I loved drawing characters and monsters ever since I was a kid. I got in a lot of trouble in school for doodling instead of doing my class work. My hero fantasies were my escape in many ways from tough times.

While I attending Job Corps in the late 1980's out in Utah, a new idea for my characters came about. I decided to incorporate them into my own role playing game. I couldn't afford the cool Dungeons and Dragons books that others had. Beyond that, I was taught by my Godfather to make my own games. He felt my artistic abilities would be best utilized that way and he was right. I made all sorts of my own games as a child. Now I would make the biggest one I had ever made.

I had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into. I didn't know the first thing about designing character statistics. What I knew, was how to tell a story. In all the years of developing and playing my game (called Galaxy Wars back then) what my friends came around for most of all, were the stories. They were stories they got to take part in, but that was the key point to the game.

I was often criticized for not writing these stories rather than playing them out as a role playing game. They were right, I held myself back. Now the books are well under way and this will change. I still have bound copies of the game now called Galaxy Zento. We even took it to Gen Con. With some basic improvements it could be a great role player. But first, the novels. Those need to be done now.

So now I have so many characters and stories to share, that is why this blog is under way and the Facebook page I hope you all will follow. I will also be doing some spotlights in this blog with info you may see on the website once it launches... or not. Only by following along will you know.

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