Monday, October 24, 2011

Making Heroes

Through my school years, I often got into trouble for doodling in class. I drew my heroes and even started drawing a comic strip shared only with friends. He was called Crazy Harry.

Crazy Harry was a parody of the old Clint Eastwood character, Dirty Harry. Crazy was a private detective that eventually led his own team of weirdos to solve crims. Dirty had a couple he taught but worked mostly alone. Dirty carried a big bad handgun, Crazy was a super strong surfer type. Crazy Harry had a special mixture made by a friend of his called "Whupass", but we'll be changing the name I think. Anyway, it's a chocolate flavored mixture that instantly amps his powers by about ten times. He also goes a bit nuts and his hair stands on end.

Harry, poor Harry, always had some terrible luck of one kind or another. Then in some random indirect way he would solve the problem, usually by punching a hole through it. (click on the image to see it larger)

Harry was for laughs and there were good times. Now I draw Harry on home made greeting cards for special occasions. Crazy Harry may have been the first official super hero I decided to make, but not my first team. I'll tell you about them next time.
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