Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Making Heroes 2: PAC

So, my first team of heroes is what I said I would tell you about. I called these guys PAC and they were involved in some of my first attempts at novel writing. I have a complete book with them in it, but that's for another time. As always, you can click on pics for larger view. Enjoy!

PAC originally stood for Parahumans Against Crime but that was found to be, frankly, lame. So it now stands for Parahuman Activity Commission. They are meant to deal with threats that standard agencies can't.

So who are they?

They are led by Lombard Ogleson (Sandstorm) who is a weather and elemental shape changer. Not only can he control weather and elements, he can become them. He served in the CIA seeking MIA in Vietnam and no one knows for sure exactly how old he is. There's more bio on the Wiki pages.

His protege since before joining the team, and best friend, is Scott McCross (Electrode). He's also called the Nuclear-electric man. Thanks to being caught in a terrorist bomb plot at an experimental energy facility, he has the power to move at double the speed of light. He can throw high powered lightning bolts that can crack titanium steel or power a small city at full strength.

They brought the loner, Larry Peters (Blacktide) into the team. Larry can disintegrate any solid objects he comes across. He can't stop liquids or gasses. He has an aura around his body that effectively protects him from things like bullets but may endanger anyone who tries to touch him. He can also cause objects to temporarily implode, but seldom uses this power.

This is Nyhtwulf, a Twilie dimension demon who served the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as a butler. He's naturally intangible (ghosts through solid objects) and can redirect energy beams that hit him. He's also a brain wave tracker. He can track anyone he's met by their brain wave emissions. He can even do this world wide. As if that weren't enough fun, whenever he passes through a person he partially scrambles their life force, brain waves, or both. He helps Larry control his powers via a psychic link. That's another story.

Jason Marigold (Atomizer) was one of the recruiters for the team. Jason's an FBI agent who can cause multiple scale atomic explosions from inanimate objects. The scale is something he can control and his teammates are very thankful for that. He joined the team with his partner, Ray Redeagle.

Agent Redeagle is an Amercian Indian with powers of several animals. He has heightened senses, telescopic eyesight, super strength, agility, doubled reflex speed, and can move in absolute silence. He's also an accomplished martial artist and military combatant.

Then there's Christine McDonald of the CIA. She's a telekinetic who's often finding inventive ways to use her power. She once put a telekinetic barrier around a gangster thugs head and removed the oxygen to make a point.

Finally, Galose, the Cyborian, joined the team at a later date. He serves as an Ambassador of his race and helps the team with more extreme missions. He's not always around on Earth, but easily reached with a signal device. Cyborians are a race of dimensional scientists who are all bonded with multi-dimensional combat armor. They do this because their race was nearly wiped out (another story). The armor has thousands of on board computers and is loaded with high tech weaponry. Weapons extend from dimensional pockets located all over the armor. Going into what Cyborians can do will take a whole other blog post.

Anyway, this was my first team of heroes ever made. I'm doing short stories on some of them and hopefully you will get to hear more about them soon.

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