Sunday, January 8, 2012

Down time

I've been quite a bit off course in down time recently because of health issues. I just want everyone to know that I'm still here and coming back on with a vengeance. There have also been setbacks, but that's just a fact of life, right?

As some of you may remember, I'm on a health journey. I've had two MRI's confirm that "something" is amiss. We've ruled out MS but we know "something" is still there and needs to be identified. I had a lumbar puncture this week to try and find out more. Oh, a lumbar puncture is where the put a needle into your spinal column to draw out spinal fluid to test for a variety of diseases, like MS and meningitis. No, we don't think I have meningitis. So, the journey for answers continues.

I also want to remind my friends that my sharing of GZ is more than just putting my characters out there and sharing their stories. It's about doing in spite of my medical conditions. It's about overcoming. That's why I also say that GZ supports autism education, and always will.

Now, with setbacks and downtime, good things are still happening. Guest artists and compliments from professionals have been a great motivator and just outright awesome. I'm definitely coming across a lot of awesome people as well. I am endlessly grateful. There are so many possibilities coming up with this and I am excited to see them develop. I'm excited to have friends see them develop right along with me.

So, please stay tuned, there is more to come and I will be hard a working to make it so! (Image is Durgan of the Iron Hand vs an army of demons, a work in progress sneak peek!)
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