Friday, January 13, 2012

Spotlight: Helshred

Helshred is a member of the Chessmen and in my novel of the same Chess name. He's a character who's bound to get your sympathy vote and amaze you at the same time. I never realized just how much this would be true until I had a couple people read the story.

Helshred is a Teri-Moor, a race of beings with 3 eyes, four strong arms, and prehensile tail. In his picture you can see a jagged scar on his head. It's because of that scar, Helshred remembers nothing of his past before the Chessmen.

Helshred was found on a mountainside by Falconer, leader of the Royal Guard. Helshred's gauntlets were found to be permanent in nature; bonded to him. Once conscious he could only say what seems to be his name. He can say a few more words than that now.

Helshred proves to be a very special member of the team as they run in order to protect the infant Princess. At anytime, the Teri-Moor is ready to leap into battle with those intimidating blades and a shout of his name. I don't want to give away too much about Helshred, so to learn more you'll have to read the book and I'm seeking agents soon.
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