Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Guest Artist CJ "StarGamerWorld"

It's time to bring another guest artist to light for his creative work in Galaxy Zento. I'm talking about CJ from Deviantart. You can see his page and inkworks HERE.

CJ has been interested and practicing in inks for over 2 years and he's been a member at Deviantart at least that long.  He lives and studies in Ontario.

CJ's favorite part of artwork is the ability to take a thought and give it life on paper. He does great inking work by they way.

In the illustrations I do and comic art, there are three stages to the process; pencils, inks, and colors. Often the three stages are completed by different artists in collaboration.  I do my own inks, but in this case, I took up the request to send a pic that wasn't finalized to CJ. He did the digital inks on the picture  of Voyager showcased here. I've already colored a pic of Voyager, but will be coloring in this one too.

This just goes to show, that guest artists need not limit themselves to drawing. It's okay to be a guest artist and ink or color as well!

I'm sure we will see some more of CJ's inkwork in the future and more guest artists as well. Thanks for getting involved CJ!
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