Sunday, January 22, 2012

Galaxy Zento News January

There certainly is a lot going on with the GZ project.  We’ve come a long way and there’s way more to do yet! But how far have we come now? Well, here are the stats:

Facebook: (as of this update) LINK
258 photos (includes 11 pics of the legendary table and 61 photos of the custom miniatures; the other 186 are all illustrations)
Photos also include the work of 3 guest artists and 2 requests.

DeviantArt: LINK
20 Watchers (that’s kind of like “likes” on FB)
223 of the same pics posted (not as many of the custom miniatures posted)
1759 page views in 2 months
3 guest artists are from DeviantArt
All of the in color work is available for purchase in all sorts of ways through DA. You can get photo prints, post cards, mouse pads, magnets, mugs and more.  Other venues are being considered as well.

32 posts
2 followers (that’s like watchers and likes) though I know many more are reading and viewing than that.

Anti-bullying poster that was posted with one online project and donated to my son’s elementary school. You can see me with my son’s Principal in the photo above.
Autism education poster shared on internet.

Mixed in with all of that are lots of awesome comments from all of you. Your support has been great and I thank you!

What I’m doing now: Currently I’m sending two GZ short stories to the Writer’s Journal fiction contest. Results will be posted when we get them a couple months or so.  I’ve finally ironed out the query letter (these things are not easy) and I’m sorting through a list of agents. Time to launch query letters!  I have a list of illustrations and I’m working through those as I go. As a special project for Black History Month, I plan to do some of my black characters. I’ve been asked a few times if I have them and yes I do.
Also on my artwork, I’m practicing more use of the digital program to touch up my drawings and get them into a cleaner black and white digital look before I color them in. You can see the results. Speaking of this, it’s time for…

SPECIAL PROJECTS:  I have a few meant to create interaction with GZ for many and any of you out there. Check these out.
Guest Artist: Always open and ready to challenge you. All you have to do is draw any of my characters in any medium you choose (from crayons to oil paints) and you’ll be featured on all mediums as a guest artist. If you are a professional or striving as such, I’ll make sure people know where to find out more about you. I only ask that there are no adult themes.  By posting all the digital black and whites, there’s even an opportunity for you colorists out there.  You can even print out a black and white from Deviant Art, color it, scan it and send it. It’s that easy so have fun!  For people with their own OC’s you can do your characters with mine and I’ll return the favor. Or draw one of mine and I’ll draw one of yours.

Spotlight Requests: Want to know more about one of my characters? Let me know and I’ll do a Spotlight Article in this blog! If I’ve already done it, I’ll get you the link.

Art Requests: I’ve already done Jojo versus Monolith and Durgan against a horde of demons. What would you like to see? Shoot me your request and I’ll work it into the schedule and see what I can do.

Characters: Recently, I was talking with CJ from DeviantArt and discussed the role playing game. CJ asked if he could roll up a character and so, after digging some stuff out of storage, I said okay. More on his character later. What I am considering is the possibility that others may have a character rolled up in the GZ universe.  I don’t have a lot of time for that right now, but it’s a consideration. Of course, all characters made for GZ are property of GZ and for entertainment purposes only.  Have to post that legalese ya know.  More on this as ideas develop.

BACK BURNER: The website is currently on the back burner. Just haven’t been able arrange the funds to launch it. It’s not cancelled, just has to wait until it can be paid for. Until then, there’s plenty of action going on.

So that’s the news for now. I hope you’ll continue to watch and be involved. As new stuff happens, we’ll be sure to let you know!
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