Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spotlight: Bards!

Bards are more than just the wandering minstrels of old. They do more in GZ than spread the news. They are powerful spell castors through the force of their music.

Bardic spells are similar in effect to mainstream sorcery except that it's considered a different source of magic. Because of this, a target that is immune to sorcery magics may not be immune to bardic magics.

Bards must use a musical instrument and require the ability to make sound in or to cast their spells. Each Bard picks a favorite instrument from the time he starts training. By they time they've learned most of their intermediate magics, they can make their instrument sound like most of an orchestra all at once.

There is a Bard's Guild run by King Jacob. In the guild, only bards of good alignment are admitted and they link their music to make their spells stronger. There is no requirement to join and not all Bards are interested. For example, Anubis and Horus learned to be Bards, but aren't members of the Guild.

Bards can have powerful effects on their surroundings. How powerful? Well, I went searching for music videos to help me make this point:

So if they get their "rock" on, you best watch out. There are many Bards in GZ and they use all sorts of musical style to work their magic. As you travel the GZ universe, keep your ear open for Bardic messages that may warn you of danger or send information. Yep, you may even have to decipher a song for messages.

Popular Bards are Maestro and Rockaria, but it doesn't stop there.

Coming soon: Showcases! A Showcase is a super short story about a character or group of characters! Stay tuned!
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