Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spotlight: Minotaurs!

My first spotlight request is for Minotaurs and they are a very interesting race. I have several characters that are Minotaurs to include Red Rhok and Durgan. Maestro has a Demon/Minotaur named Fist who serves as a kind of bodyguard. There's even a vampiric Minotaur our there named, Viceroy who roams with a quartet of powerful villains. But what about the race in general?

Minotaurs in GZ are a nomadic race, scattered across the stars. Villages are rare to see and most take to wandering the universe or various worlds all their lives. In spite of that, they are fiercely loyal. Once a Minotaur dedicates himself to a cause or friendship, he puts all of himself into it. Unless their friend is also a wanderer, the wandering is over. They never leave their allies in a bad situation and may have to be killed to stop them. Durgan's lifelong friend is a legendary Faerie named Lilith. If you really want to see him in a deadly rage, threaten the Faerie.

Minotaurs are not without religion of some form. They have a god called, Brahmakar and he is always watching for Minotaurs who impress him. If one does, he gives them gifts. He may even make them a Minotaur knight with specially blessed equipment. To the Minotaur this is a holy gift.

Minotaurs are known for great strength and those horns aren't just for looking at. They can and will fight with them. They also come in three forms from distant tribes. The most common ones have either the legs of a humanoid or of a bull. The third and very rare form (nearly extinct) is built more like a Centaur with the body of a great bull, humanoid torso, and head of a bull. They have names for these tribes:

Manfoot: humanoid feet
Cloven: hooved feet
Four legs: for the rare type

As you can tell, they keep names pretty simple. You might wonder now, how such a nomadic race keeps their numbers up. In fact, they number in the billions across the stars. It's not as hard to find a mate as you might imagine.

All in all, the Minotaur is an amazing creature that dates back on our world to stories of myth and legend. In Galaxy Zento, those myths and legends are based on real visits by Minotaurs (and even enslavement of one by King Minos).

Hope you enjoyed today's spotlight on Minotaurs. Do you have a request?
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