Saturday, August 4, 2012

GZ Legends 21: Cyclone's Rage


            “We have to get to Florida now, I’m sorry, but I’m out of here,” Sandstorm looked to Electrode, “Meet me on the beach in Palm Bay.” Sandstorm dissipated into air and went out the window. Before anyone could say anything, Electrode was also gone.

            “You better get there too,” Nightfall said to Anubis, who nodded and ran from the room.

            “I’m not sure where Palm Bay is,” Anubis said to himself, “but if I fly south and head for the ruckus I oughta find it!”

            “Oh this is just great!” Larratus shouted.

            “Actually,” Blacktide said, “Nyhtwulf says this is part of his mission here. That hurricane was created by a being called Cyclone who’s under some kind of spell.”

            “And the mission is to stop this Cyclone guy huh,” Larratus grumbled, “Fine, how do we get the rest of you down there?”

            “He says he can teleport a few of us but it will strain him,” Blacktide said and Nyhtwulf nodded.

            “Alright, hurry up and deal with this so we can get back to Professor Zombie!” Larratus ordered.

            “I’ll stay here in case there’s any trouble with Vagabond,” Nightfall said.

            Atomizer took off his hat and put it on a table, “Don’t want to lose it in a hurricane.”

            Atomizer, Blacktide, and Redeagle all put a hand into their midst like a team about to do a rallying cheer and Nyhtwulf grasped them all from above and below with both clawed hands. The group of them flickered and vanished from sight.

            “Just great,” muttered Larratus.

            The group appeared on a beach currently torn by wind and water. All of them fell to the ground under the force of the gale. They could see Sandstorm and Electrode standing against the wind, looking up at the raging storm. For all of them to see, a face formed in the side wall of the hurricane and howled at them all in carnal fury and strobes of lightning.

            “You must go and help them, I will join you soon but I am taxed from carrying the three of you,” Nyhtwulf said into Blacktide’s mind.

            “Was that Cyclone?” Redeagle shouted over the wind.

            “No, just the monster he created!” Blacktide shouted back.

            “Well, I can’t punch that! What do we do now?”

            “We get over to Sandstorm and Electrode!”

The raging and living hurricane
            The three men struggled against the wind to reach their friends. Sandstorm had no problem keeping his footing against the high winds and Electrode uses his speed powers to maintain his position. The rest had to stumble and hold on to each other to reach them.

            “You may as well stay back and find something to hold onto!” Sandstorm said when he saw them.

            “What are you going to do?” Atomizer asked.

            “I’m going to merge with the storm to try and push it away from the beach. I’ll try to stop it,” Sandstorm explained.

            “What about this Cyclone guy?” Redeagle asked.

            “If he shows up, pound him!” And Sandstorm vanished.

            “Great advice,” Redeagle commented as he looked around at the bending trees, blowing water, and distant buildings about to be blown away if they failed.

            Anubis landed a few feet away.

            “Welcome to the party!” Atomizer said.

            “Hey, how’d you guys get her so fast?” Anubis asked.

            Sandstorm could feel the mind of a sentient being as soon as he entered the swirling forces of the hurricane. He could feel that it didn’t want him there. Sandstorm couldn’t help but be carried in the high winds’ circulation as he tried to make his way toward the eye. The eye felt like the epicenter of the hurricanes life force. He hoped if he could reach that, he could take over and dissipate the storm before it destroyed not only Palm Bay, but all of Florida. The storm resisted him, but Sandstorm pressed on. Suddenly, something ran into him and carried him right out of the sidewall of the hurricane. Sandstorm was shocked that anything or anyone could grab him from air form, but this person did. They crashed into the beach and sprayed sand into the wind. Sandstorm struggled to raise himself from the ground as he looked up into the angry glowing eyes of Cyclone himself.

            Electrode struck Cyclone with a barrage of lightning bolts. Cyclone waved him off with one hand and a wave of force threw Electrode to the sand. Sandstorm vanished into the sand as Atomizer threw a rock and detonated it a few feet away from Cyclone. The blast staggered Cyclone off balance and Redeagle delivered a spectacular kick to the head followed by a series of punches. Cyclone growled as he caught Redeagle by the arm with unexpected reflex and flung him at Atomizer, knocking them both unconscious.

            Blacktide raised a hand to fire a disintegration blast but was interrupted in his mind by Nyhtwulf, “We mustn’t kill him. He is under a spell.” Nyhtwulf still struggled to regain his strength from teleporting three people into the stormy area.

            “Well what do we do?” Blacktide asked and then turned to the fight still in progress.

            Anubis charged in with his lance on an impaling strike, but Cyclone caught it and tossed both it and Anubis aside. Electrode was back up and using his speed to appear in different places to hit Cyclone, but the lightning had no effect on the cosmic elemental. Anubis landed near Blacktide.

            “Nyhtwulf says we can’t kill him,” Blacktide said.

            “That’s nice to know,” Anubis jammed his lance into the sand and charged his fists with energy. “Well, let’s get him!”

            Anubis flew back at Cyclone, but Blacktide didn’t dare move. He couldn’t see Sandstorm or Electrode and one thing his powers did very well, was kill. He feared even getting too close for sake of hurting a teammate. Blacktide had no idea what to do. He even feared trying to drag Redeagle and Atomizer away for sake of hurting them with his disintegration aura.

            Anubis started landing punches as fast has he could. He staggered the muscular being backwards and knocked Cyclone’s face left and right.

            “Man can you take punishment!” Anubis shouted as he kept on with his attack, “Why don’t you just fall down and take a nap!”

            Suddenly Cyclone started blocking those punches and reacting. Anubis found himself slowly being forced back with a series of parrying attacks that he found himself having to block. Then Cyclone landed a punch to Anubis’s midsection that actually made him wince. Then a blast of cosmic force threw Anubis across the beach, past Blacktide and Nyhtwulf.

            Electrode stopped near Blacktide.

            “Where’s Sandstorm?” Blacktide asked.

            “I don’t know. We aren’t doing so good and Cyclone looks really ticked off.”

            Blacktide’s mind raced. Nyhtwulf wasn’t up yet, Anubis could be in any condition, two of them were knocked out, they couldn’t kill Cyclone, and the best bet at stopping the elemental was missing.

            Cyclone came towards the two of them glowering with rage.
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