Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who should I draw as a birthday card? Vote here!

This is the best way I can possibly put together and tally up vote from all the suggestions I have received in who would make a cool birthday card!  Combo votes are acceptable and I need you to look at these guys (suggested by you) and lets make the final vote! Who should be made into a general Ecard birthday card?

This is a card I would post to peoples pages for a big ol HAPPY BIRTHDAY from GZ!  And they are:


He loves to eat cream cheese squares complete in the foil wrapper. He's the very friendly Twilie Demon and hero with PAC..... Nyhtwulf.

Red Rhok

He's a  Minotaur Starknight who's been an art favorite ever since I posted him. He's big and strong but you might not want  his friend at the party. Orcan warscorps kinda creep people out.

Anubis and Horus

These two are considered the big comedians of GZ. If anyone makes up the definition of party animals, these guys fit the bill. But watch out,they're pranksters too. Whether I do them from this pic or a new pic in their updated armor, they could work well.

King Falcon

I had no doubt someone would choose him. He's only the top character of and representative of GZ. King Falcon would only be too happy to bring someone birthday wishes.

King Frederick

He's not actually a real King, but a heck of a funny character, chosen by guest artist, Ayelid for this vote. Not everyone likes rats though, sooooo, let me know what you think.


His the big muscle member of a hero group called the Free Agents. He's big, he's a unicorn, and he carries a really big gun! No one gets in the way of Birthday festivities with him around!

If I forgot someone, post them as your vote! But please do vote! I will make a birthday e-card out of the winner and possibly the runner up!

Thanks for all your help and don't miss out on GZ Legends number 20 that I also posted today!
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