Monday, August 6, 2012

GZ Legends 22: Enter Death!

Glaring with fury

            “Okay,” Electrode said as Cyclone approached with menace, “We need a plan and we need it now.”

            Blacktide tightened his fists, “My power could kill him and we aren’t supposed to do that.”

            “So we don’t. I want you to make a deep hole under his feet.”


            “You heard me, and hurry, he’s about to lunge at us,” Electrode moved into speed mode and couldn’t be seen any longer.

            “Nyhtwulf, I hope you’re guiding me man!” Blacktide fired his disintegration power at the sand under Cyclone’s feet and he dropped. The hole only came to his waist.

            Electrode raced around Cyclone blasting at the sand and spraying all over the cosmic being while infusing the entire arrangement with lightning. In all but a second’s glance Electrode stood next to Blacktide again. They both stared at the furious Cylone, completely encased in glass.


Further into the air, and now at the eye of the hurricane, Sandstorm put his will against that of the storm. As Cyclone fought the group below, the storm weakened slightly and that was the knowledge Sandstorm needed. The hurricane resisted him, howled at him, and even tried to throw him out. Sandstorm would not relent. Sandstorm’s elemental link to the Earth didn’t just allow him to sense weather patterns on the other side of the world. Sandstorm could draw power from the Earth to limits even he didn’t know. It was Sandstorm’s will against that of the living hurricane to force it out of existence. The tug of war pulled at the very molecules of Sandstorm’s being and the face screamed at him from the inner wall of the eye.

“You aren’t going another ten feet into Florida!” Sandstorm thought through the pain, “I’m not going to let you!”


“That was impressive,” Blacktide said as they stared for the moment at Cyclone in the glass. “Lighting glass.”

“But will it hold him?” Electrode asked.

“Looks like we’re about to find out,” Anubis said as he now hovered over them, “Man, he can hit back!”

Cracks raced across the glass surface. Anubis put up a barrier of energy that stopped the glass shards from reaching them as Cyclone burst free from the torso up. From his waist down, Cyclone was still encased in the hole filled with glass. Cyclone raised his fists up to bring down and free himself. At that moment, behind the cosmic entity, Nyhtwulf rose from the ground. No one had seen the demon move from where he was resting, especially not Cyclone.

Nyhtwulf  phased his fingers into either side of Cyclone’s skull. Cyclone screamed and a wave of energy burst out and threw everyone back. The winds of the hurricane surged harder and louder.

Tell Anubis to strike now and strike hard!” Nyhtwulf called into Blacktide’s mind.

“Ahh! Don’t shout!” Blacktide looked to Anubis and relayed the message.

“Well, okay, if he says so,” Anubis charged both his fist and flew in for a high powered punch aimed for Cyclone’s face.

Anubis punched Cyclone so hard that there was another explosion of force. Glass and sand flew all around. Electrode quickly moved Redeagle and Atomizer behind Blacktide. Blacktide extended his aura forward and all sand and glass that would hit them was disintegrated.

As the glare from the attack faded, so did the hurricane, leaving only rough dark seas in its stead. Sandstorm materialized on the beach, bent on one knee and gasping from exhaustion. In the new crater, Anubis and Nyhtwulf stood over the unconscious body of Cyclone.

Electrode rushed over to check on Sandstorm who waved off to signal he was okay.

Blacktide turned to Redeagle and Atomizer who started to stir. “Oh, good, you guys are moving around.”

“I’m soaked and caked with sand,” Atomizer spat some sand from his lips.

“What happened?” Redeagle asked as he did similar, “And did you move us over here?”

“We won. And no way, man, I could never risk that. Electrode moved you.”

“So what do we do with him now?” Anubis asked as he and Nyhtwulf stared down at Cyclone.

“I really don’t know,” Nyhtwulf said and then gasped at the sound of his own voice.

“Uh, you just talked, dude,” Anubis pointed.

“Yes! I did! I can speak again! The spell must be broken.”

“Broken?” Blacktide rushed to the crater’s edge. “Does that mean you’ve completed your mission?”

He rose from the sand
As if in direct reply a new figure rose from the ground at another edge of the crater; much like Nyhtwulf had before. This person towered over them all shrouded in a black cloak with a great hood blocking facial features. Everyone except Nyhtwulf took a defensive stance as he rose. In this skeletal hands he held a great shining scythe. The figure moved the scythe out to his right side and brought the end of it to the sand. The ground shook and knocked everyone to the ground; for none were allowed to stand against him. The head raised from its downward angle to reveal a glaring skull laced with more shining metal. Death stood over them.

The gaze of Death turned to Nyhtwulf who knelt with head bowed while everyone else looked on in horror and awe.

“You have done well, my servant,” Death’s voice boomed and echoed.

“Thank you, my master!” Nyhtwulf responded still bowed.

“Rise, for you are my servant no more. You have earned your new life and freedom. You may go where you wish, but there is one more thing.”

“What is your will?” Nyhtwulf stood as commanded while Anubis sat back, still in shock.

“You now carry my favor. I will not tell you more about it than that.”

“Very well. What of Cyclone?”

Death gestured and Cyclone’s unconscious body floated up out of the crater, “I will take my brother to where he may recuperate before returning to his duties in the universe.”

Anubis jumped to his feet, “What? Your brother?”

Death turned his gaze to Anubis who immediately fell back to sitting in the sand.

“Aww, man, I never would have hit him if I knew he was your brother. I mean, I didn’t even know he was your brother. And, man, I hit him really hard too…”

“SILENCE!” Death’s voice boomed.

“Okay,” Anubis responded meekly.

“None of you need fear my wrath today. You assisted Nyhtwulf with his mission, for that you have my gratitude. Now you are charged with an even greater task. Seek the one capable of this spell on my brother and you will the master of all your current problems. On this, I have nothing more to say.” Death and Cyclone vanished from sight leaving everyone blinking for sake of what they weren’t sure they saw.

Just as suddenly, they all found themselves in the street and on the sidewalk in front of the FPA office building. Death had seen fit to return them and all they could do for several moments was stare at each other in amazement.

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