Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GZ Legends 24: The Strykeforce Guard

            Commander Larratus almost bit a chunk off his cigar as he was introduced to Dr. Vampire and heard about the new threat of mystical artifacts set loose on their world.

            “Is there anything else this nutjob wants to throw at us today?” Larratus shouted, “We just got the location of Professor Zombie. We need to get to him and take him out of all this. He’s the one who probably knows who turned off the sky!”

            “Unfortunately, I can assure you; you don’t have that kind of time,” Doctor Vampire said apologetically. “These items can do anything from killing thousands to destroying your world. My team of guardians and I would be glad to help you. In fact, you will need our help.”

            “Why don’t you just tell us what these items are and let us decide for ourselves if we need help that we don’t know from Adam?” Larratus said.

            “Because even the time it takes to introduce ourselves may be too much of a luxury, Commander.”

            “You know, let’s just do this and get it out of the way,” Sandstorm said, “Bring in your team so we can get to know each other at least a little and lets go get these things.”

            Sandstorm looked around to his team who all nodded their agreement.

            “Oh fine!” Larratus growled. “Well come on then, where are they?”

            Dr. Vampire touched the colorful latch button for his cape and a portal of light appeared in the room. As his teammates of the Strykeforce Guard came through, each was introduced.

            The first man to step through gleamed in silver armor with a black star that centered on the right side of his chest with points that reached from up across his visor to his right knee. A white falcon stood on his shoulder and he held a dazzling sword with a pair of four pointed shuriken attached at the hand guard; Lonestar, the Starknight. Starknights served the good side of the balance to far reaches across galaxies under the guidance of the entity, the Crimson King. Each knight travels with a mystical animal companion that is impervious to damage and cannot die until it’s owner does. The falcon could not only fight by his master’s side with devastating precision, but also carried the ability to heal others. The sword and armor also carried mystical properties to protect the knight on his missions and travels. The shuriken could fly straight and true and also be sent as a beacon for aide.

           Next a woman stepped through and dropped men’s jaws at the sight. None of them had ever seen an Elven woman before, slender and beautiful in colorful leather garb with light pink bloused sleeves. A silvery tiara held her fiery red hair in place as she walked. Dreamseer could enter men’s minds and do a variety of things, to include invoking dreams or nightmares.

           The man who next came through regarded the room with a scowl and slightly fluttered his huge black wings. His long black hair was tied back in a pony- tail and his sideburns went clear to his rigid jaw. His fists clenched in leather gauntlets as he strode to a far corner of the room. The Kyte wasn’t known for being particularly friendly. He was a warrior and saw little use in small talk or frivolity.

            Finally a woman in a long tan trench coat carrying a red staff stepped through and the portal closed. Lady Traveler could open portals to nearly anyplace anyone wanted to go. Electrode almost couldn’t take  his eyes off her long wavy black hair and her mist blue eyes could pierce a man right through. 
             With short introductions out of the way, Dr. Vampire brought out a hand held monitor.

            “This will tell us when the first artifact appears. I suggest keeping this monitor here and that we split into smaller teams. That way we can hopefully reclaim the items maybe two or three at a time. Until then, I can tell that several of you are exhausted. You should get some small amount of rest while you can. The monitor could go off at any time.”

            “I just have to point out, how do we know we can trust any of you?” Atomizer asked.

            “I can vouch for them,” Nightfall said, “Council Interpol knows the Strykeforce pretty well.”

            “And I can only assure you, my friend, that we are here to help,” Dr. Vampire answered.

            Atomizer nodded and he wanted to rest but having so many new faces made that difficult to do, especially that of the Elven lady. All the same he decided to sit back and lower the brim of his hat. In his mind, it never worked to show too much interest in a woman too soon.

            Agent Redeagle was already laying back on a table across the room with his eyes closed. He was exhausted. Redeagle didn’t have the energy reserves of people like Sandstorm and Electrode. He was glad to gain a little rest period after so much action.

            Nyhtwulf approached Blacktide, “Shall we talk away from the others for a moment?”

            “Sure,” said Blacktide and suddenly found himself on the roof with Nyhtwulf. “Okay, they might wonder about that.”

            “We made a deal,” Nyhtwulf said.

            “Yeah, we did,” Blacktide answered slowly.

            “I am ready to uphold my end of the bargain now that I can communicate again. I have a new life, new freedom.”

            “Where will you go?”

            “Actually, I would like to stay with your team and continue on this mission.”

            “Well, we could sure use your help,” Blacktide said.

            “I am glad to help. So, are you ready for me to sever our connection?”

            “Um, you know, actually, what if we were partners?”


            “Yeah, everyone on the team has a partner to work with and we could be partners. We could team up on jobs against the bad guys. And if we were partners, maybe it would be better if we didn’t lose that connection, you know?”

            “I think I do know. If this is truly what you wish, Larry Blacktide Peters, I will honor it and be your partner.”

            “Yeah, I think that would be alright,” Blacktide smiled. For the first time in his life, it looked like he had someone he didn’t have to worry about hurting.

            Inside the building, Anubis stood next to Nightfall, looking in on the Vagabond.

            “How’s it going with stinky sourpuss in there?” Anubis asked.

            “Well, he gave us the location of Professor Zombie and thinks we won’t send him back to his home planet. Too bad for him, he’s wanted for a lot of interstellar crimes.”

            “Peach of a guy,” Anubis said. “But he can’t use his powers, huh?”

            “Not with those handcuffs on. They were designed by an inventor with the FBI, Anthony James. They suppress powers of anyone they’re on.”

            “Handy,” chuckled Anubis, “get it? Handcuffs? Handy?”

            Nightfall groaned, “Oh that’s terrible.”

            They were interrupted by a beeping noise from the other room.

            “We have the location of an artifact, no; we have two!” Dr. Vampire shouted from the other room.

            “Well, what are they? These men don’t go into missions without at least a quick briefing!” Larratus said firmly.

            “Well, Commander, one is in Chicago and it’s called the Skull of Sphidra. It can be worn as a helmet and grants it’s wearer great psychic powers while possessing them with the spirit of Sphidra, the Spider God.”

            “And the second one?” Commander Larratus wasn’t sure if he even wanted to know.

            “One of the Scythe’s of Death himself.”
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