Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guest artists, what's in this for you?

Yes, this is another bid for guest artists to come and take part in Galaxy Zento. But I realize you must be wondering if it's worth it. After all, I'm just getting started. Still, I'm not showing any signs of stopping, and I won't. Just check these places out.

My deviant art page!

My Facebook fan page!

My Facebook page! Add me, I have over 3000 connections and growing.

My Twitter! Follow me and I'll follow you!

Numbers are growing, even if slowly. So what will I do for you?

- Blog article all about YOU. I'll post links to your pages where ever they are and I would also like to interview you about your art and influences in art. The article will include the piece you do for Zento and hopefully a couple other pieces of your work to showcase your talent. I've been writing for some time and gathering a decent following of readers, just look here: Wildeman's Words So, I'm putting my writing to work for you, plus the publicity.

-Exposure across all my mediums. I will create a guest artist folder on both DeviantArt and the Facebook fan page. When the official website launchs there will a guest section there too! I will put links to you with your work in any place that I can. As I get more attention out there, so will you.

Naturally, you also get to post the work you do on your own pages so long as you do the same in links for Galaxy Zento. That way, we create publicity for each other.

Want another twist? Did you create your own universe and characters? Tell you what, you draw one of mine; and I'll draw one of yours!

What am I looking for? For you artists, no matter how good you are, to do a Zento character in any medium except adult themes. This could include doing just pencils, inks, caricatures, cartoony things, what ever. If you want to get cute, try doing a Zento character versus one of yours (I'll do the same). Do one against any fave character of yours, whatever! But please, no adult themes. Galaxy Zento is family friendly and for a young audience.

Special considerations: Galaxy Zento is all about overcoming disabilities with me. Why? Because I have conditions that I am fighting with daily. I live with Asperger's Syndrome, Bipolar disorder and a degenerative condition yet to be identified (possibly MS- I see the neurologist tomorrow because my MRI was "abnormal"). So I consider anyone who clicks LIKE on the fan page to be a supporter of the same idea. This is why I'm pushing as hard as I can to make something out of Galaxy Zento, while I still can. That includes a series of novels. That being said:

Special consideration goes to any pictures that mix theme with Autism Awareness, Anti-bullying, Anti-child abuse and Anti-suicide. I plan to do some portraits in that way soon too. This will involve yet another special folder in the websites. If there are enough pics done for Autism, I plan to submit work to the Autism Society of the United States. Other considerations are possible.

Special consideration will also go to guest artists when it comes to the novels or any possible graphic novels (at least that's the pitch I will give the agents and publishers).

Remember, it doesn't matter how good you are, it's a show of support with lots of possibilities. I don't care if you are just 10 years old (with parental permissions) or a top notch pro. And that's not to say a 10 year old can't be a top notch pro.

So what do you think? Do you want to be a guest artist for Galaxy Zento? I would love to have you.

(We do reserve the right to refuse any work deemed a conflict of interest or inappropriate for Galaxy Zento)
(Galaxy Zento and it's characters are property of David J Wilde)
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