Monday, November 21, 2011

Two special posters

So I've done two special project posters. One on Bullying and the other on Autism awareness.

You see the Autism aware poster here first. I drew my character, Dimension Man for the very first time in making this poster. I've put it in several groups and have it available for purchase at my DeviantArt page. Just click on the "prints" tab toward the top of the page. A large poster is only about 20 bucks and I get a small commission of that. Past that, it's okay to share on your website so long as you post links back to me. It's okay to share on your Facebook page so long as you post link to the fan page or share about me. Fair enough, right? I also want to give access to the Autism Society.

Dimension Man is a cool but rare character. He exists on multiple dimensional planes so nothing can physically stop him from going where ever he wants. His evil counterpart is Tick Tock.But more about him later.

I chose King Falcon for the anti-bullying poster because he's the defender of several planets in his stories. It just made sense to me. I wanted that arm to come across really huge in the picture and then I did my own form of lettering. I ordered a print to donate to my son's elementary school.

So, how easy is this for me? Well, as you can see in this picture, I tried to draw a single line. My hands shake so badly at times, that it takes me quite a while to get a drawing done. It gets frustrating too. I'm hoping, once my diagnosis tests are done, there will be something that I can do to help steady my hands and slow the tremors. Till, then, no giving up!

Still no entries for the guest artist program, but it takes time so I'm hopeful that maybe the holiday week will stir things up. I really look forward to writing an article here about a fellow artist!
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