Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Table of Legend

So, how serious or crazy about my characters am I? Well, about 11 years ago, I built a table and burned a mural of my characters in it. The whole pictures goes from one end clear to the other.

It's a heavy thing, around a hundred pounds. I made it from a solid wood door and some banquet table legs. Once the picture was all burned in via a woodburner, I put some brass corner fittings on it. This was our gaming table.

We sat around this table for several games, but mostly for playing Galaxy Zento. What was special about this table, was that I didn't just put core characters on it. I put many current player characters on it too. So who all is on this thing and have you seen them already? Lets see, and remember you can click on a picture for a larger image.

In this first image, you can see King Falcon and just behind him is Lord Kestrel. This is the left side of the table centerpiece. Up in the right you can see someone's legs, that's EO, the Equal and Opposite man. EO is the upper center of the centerpiece.

Now, you see Maestro clashing with King Falcon. In the lower section from left to right there's General Zarose (bad guy), Galose, and Crazy Harry. You can see and arm up on the right and that belongs to Anubis's best bud, Horus. You'll see soon enough. Did I mention the table is made of oak? Well, now I did.

Now you see EO. To the left you can just make out Doomsday Weapon. On the right is a big clawed hand belonging to the Stardragon, Gilgameer. You can see a leg belonging to Nyhtwulf too.

In this image you see Anubis and Horus fighting a villain named Mr. Wicked. You can also see a tornado twisting away behind them and someone's shield. Yes, this table took a long time to do. Currently it's my work station where I do art.

Left to right, you see Lord Turindell (half angel/elf bard legend), Serka the gray elf, Jojo the dwarven sized lizard man, and Monolith the stone demon. Yep, there's more behind them, but too much to put into just one section now, so next;

Okay, so I really do need to take better pictures of my table now. When I took these, I was using a pretty basic grade point and shoot camera. It served the purpose but you have to look closely here to see all the characters. At this point, I could name them all, but you don't know all of them close up yet. Even if you've been following the FAN PAGE. You can make out Gilgameer's head, Boreas the wizard, the Kyte, the Serpent, and the other giganto guy is called Warhammer (yes, even those he's covered with axe blades). See what you can make out.

A closer look at the upper left of the table. You can see the dragon, the wizard, and one the right is Captain Bizarre. Look in the upper left hand side and you'll see a cosmic faerie. Yes, a faerie.

To the right, you find Red Rhok, Barger, and the spacey looking guy is called Omni. There's more to see as you go. These characters are on the fan page.

In this section you see Maniac and the Sphere. I will have a color pic of Maniac coming soon!

Here's another small faerie who appears on the table. Her name is Ecstasy.

So, I do need to get better photos and all of these will show up on the fan page as linked above. If you haven't already, visit and click LIKE. I appreciate all the support. Enjoy Galaxy Zento!
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