Friday, November 25, 2011

The You will rise project: King Falcon Poster

Through my page at DeviantART, I was contacted about an amazing project. You can check out this project HERE.

It was asked of me, would I be interested in submitting the King Falcon anti-bullying poster. Of course!

The project is all about rising above bullying. If you've been a victim of bullying and you use art or writing to overcome it, they want to hear from you. You can see the King Falcon entry on their blog site HERE.

I think any project that takes on bullying is worth while. Especially one that shows people with talents who have overcome or are in process. You see, you don't have to listen to the bullies. They put you down, but they are wrong. Just check out the talents on that page to see what I mean.

And don't say you have no talents, it only means you are still finding your way. Things will get better and you can rise above bullying. I did.
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