Monday, November 7, 2011

Making miniatures of Zento characters

First; these custom figures I made of my characters are for my own enjoyment and not for sale or to be marketed as Heroclix figures. Heroclix is property of Wizkids/NECA and no infringement of any kind is intended. Heroclix modding is quite popular and there are several popular artist who sell their renditions of well known characters. Again, I made these for my own personal enjoyment and to give a 3D rendition of what my characters look like.

Since that's out of the way, let me tell you about this work that I've done. I've even started a new folder at the Galaxy Zento fan page where you can see more when I post it. Unfortunately, these are not the most accurate views of my characters. You can compare the drawings if you like. It's just for a general idea. Some came out great while others stayed, well, "general". I've made almost a hundred pieces, so the photos you see are just the beginning.

I used to mod heroclix a long time ago and make quite a few characters that people wanted. This was before those characters got put into a heroclix set. To see some of those, you can check out my Facebook Album.

I keep all my Zento figures on a shadowbox shelf above my work table. That table, by the way, shows up in the photos. More of it to come soon. The important point is that I built that table. So I wanted the photos to be taken on the center of it. Unfortunately, the light isn't all that good so I will have to get some help or more light, or both.

In any case, this file will be one more reason to come on over to the Fan Page and hit LIKE. Stick around, there's much more to come.
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